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In a highly competitive world, your business has to make the right first impression.

English has become the leading international language of business, used by native and non-native english language speakers alike.

For any business using the english language, for example catering for english-speaking clients or customers, a poorly presented document or website will create a poor first impression. When a potential client or customer is browsing the internet, the impact of website errors in spelling, mistakes in grammar or simple careless punctuation, can be very serious.   

It does not follow that a lack of care in a business document or brochure will mean a poor service, but poor quality documents and website material will inevitably make a bad impression.  Since clients or customers have little else to base a judgment on, the wrong image of your business may create a situation where customers or clients are going elsewhere.

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Perfect English - Copy Editing Proofreading Services

At we have the specialist skills to provide a truly professional copy-editing and proofreading service which can be designed to suit your needs and budget, and for all types of documentation – brochures, pamphlets, web-sites, magazines, contracts – and whatever the size of your project.

We can not only correct spelling, punctuation and grammar problems, we can also look at style, terminology and jargon to make sure that all your business documents and web-site are error-free, clear, concise, and consistent.  

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The philosophy of is to work collaboratively with you to achieve the highest standard with your business documentation, so that it reinforces your own professional credibility, telling your prospective customers and clients that they can expect standards of excellence in your service to them.

Whether you are a small to medium sized business, a large corporate organisation, a civic or municipal authority or an individual, we can copy-edit and proofread your english language communications to ensure they are error free and convey the right image to your target audience.

Remember that your website will often be the first point of contact between your customers or clients and your business. It may be the only point of contact.  The difference between it having errors and omissions and it being error-free and perfect is both your business and ours!  Those first impressions really do count.